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Being born in the southern most part of Tamilnadu (Rameshwaram-Thangachimadam) in 1977, I am the youngest of the 3 siblings. I had a really wonderful childhood; My first love was the sound of guitar. Music found its way to me when I was 8 years old. Slowly, my mind was filled with the ambition to do something great in music. But there had to be something to make us understand life. And it came to me during my teenage. My life was just the opposite of how it was before. I had situations that forced me to quit music, but my mind was constant like a northern star. I chose to step out of the comfort zone and began a new life facing the harsh realities of life. The heart was still beating for the song of life, I took up music as my career soon as I completed my 12thgrade.

As many people said, it was never a bed of roses. I had to take each and every move cautiously. Just having stepped into the world of music, I was curious to learn many things as every beginner does. The teachers who introduced me to various parts of music were:

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Guitar and Keys

Thiru. Kingsley


Tmt. Bhagyalakshmi


Tmt. Maithili

Thiru.Dr.N. Ramani


Thiru. Venkatavaradhan


Thiru. S.R.D.G.A.Rajendran

Tmt. Girija Ramaswamy


Kalaimamani. Thiru. Sambasivam

Tmt. Kalyani Ganesan


Thiru. Pakkirisami Bharathi

Heart still beats with gratitude for all the teachers who shaped into who I was and I am today.My mind was filled with aspirations to make something very very big in life. Soon after my graduation I served as a lecturer in the Music College.

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As we say; “The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.”

The first step towards my journey began in the year of 1999, when I set up this music school. My dream of creating a space where the essence of Carnatic music can find an expression through vibrant artist.

With having knowledge and experience we are serving music lovers since then. We provide them a platform to achieve their dream of becoming one of the best music artists in the country. Over the years we have contributed a lot to the society by bringing real talents to the music field. With more than 20 years of experience our faculties provide creative and easy way of instruction to our students. Our teams of instructors are motivated by their love of music and passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so that they can shift. We provide the option for the students to pursue their foundation course and diploma certification in different music courses like B.Music and M.Music. We always think about shaping the future of the budding talents in the field of music.

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