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Vocal class

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About The Class

we teach the ideal of swara, raga, sruti and tala of carnatic music. We get deep into the minds of students and kindle their interest in music and enlighten their spirits by providing them a proper platform to showcase their talent. Enrolling yourself with our institute will help you learn the beautiful form of music under expert guidance. If you are looking for one of the best institute for vocals, then we are always open to quench your thirst for music.

This is an Entry level foundation course for students who are entirely new to the field of Carnatic Music. The fundamentals of Shastreeya Sangeeta will be taught in this course. No previous knowledge of Carnatic Music is required for this course. Each class will be of 60 minutes duration and there will be two class per week.

Mr. Parthepan Mr. Veerakumar

Instrument Syllabus

  • GRADE 1

    1. Sarali Varisaigal

    2. Jandai Varisaigal

    3. Melsthayi Varisai

    4. Keel Swara Varisai

    5. Thattu Varisaigal - 2

    6. Alankarangal

  • GRADE 2

    1. Sanchari Geetham - 2

    2. Jathiswaram - 1

    3. Swarajati - 1

  • GRADE 3

    1. Sanchari Geetham - 2

    2. Jathiswaram

    3. Athi thala (Thana) Varnam

  • GRADE 4

    1. Athi thala (Thana) Varnam - 2

    2. Krithis - 4

    3. Thevaram - 1

    4. Keerthanas - 4

    5. Thiruppugazh - 1

  • GRADE 5

    1. Tana Varnam - 2

    2. Navaragamaliga Varnam - 1

    3. Keerthanas - 4

    4. Aazhvaar Pasuram

    5. Patriotic Songs - 2